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Area Rug Cleaning

Today, the use of various area rugs can add enormous function and style to your home. It is well known that rugs provide wonderful accents when placed over wood or tile. Unfortunately they are exposed to all the normal buildup of soil and staining that installed carpet is subjected to. Loose soil builds up in the base of the area rug and over time acts like sandpaper as people walk and drive those fibers against the soil buildup underneath.  This can cause a premature breakdown of the rug therefore one should consider professional cleanings on a regular basis to ensure a longer life span.

Fusion Cleaning is able to handle the professional cleaning of your rugs. We will clean to not only extract the damaging soil, but also to brighten it up and bring its appearance back to life again. It will not only keep them beautiful but also protect your investment and increase the life of your accent rugs.

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